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At-Home Euthanasia: $325

Saying goodbye to your pet in the comfort of your home or yard helps relieve the anxiety and stress of travel and uncertain environments. This allows your pet to be more relaxed, and for you to spend time together and grieve in the privacy of your own home. Included in this service are the house-call, exam, consultation, medications to sedate your pet, and the euthanasia itself.  Healing Hands Mobile Veterinarian offers both clay and ink paw prints at no additional charge.

Aftercare of Your Pet’s Remains:

At Home Burial: No charge  |Communal Cremation: $125-$175  |  Separate Cremation $235-$295  |  Individual Cremation $290-$350

Please see the FAQ page for more information


Hospice/Palliative Care: $260 Initial visit, $125 follow-up visits

When a pet is facing a life-limiting illness, hospice care helps to keep them comfortable and allows you to enjoy your limited time together. Palliative care is provided when a pet has a chronic illness that needs special time and attention dedicated to maintaining its quality of life. This service is centered around helping you, the pet owner, take care of your ailing pet. Dr. Carissa will work hand-in-hand with your regular veterinarian to create a care team.  Included in the fee is the review of your pet’s medical history from your regular veterinarian, the house-call, examination and “quality of life” assessment for your pet, and collaborating on ways to help your pet be comfortable and best preserve their quality of life.

Please see the FAQ page for more information


Quality of Life Phone Call (20 mins): $55

It’s hard to know the right time to say goodbye or how to best help a beloved pet. Upon request, Dr. Carissa will discuss your pet’s current needs and quality of life over the phone. She will ask questions to learn more about your pet and offer advice and recommendations to help you and your pet in their final days.


Note: Dr. Carissa cannot diagnose or treat a condition over the phone. There is no charge for this service if you decide on At-Home Euthanasia or Hospice/Palliative Care with Healing Hands Mobile Veterinarian.